Top 20 + Video Sharing sites List 2017

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Video Sharing Sites List–  This post is about Video sites and it has top 10 video sharing websites list. Well, this can be really useful for your entertainment purpose as well as SEO purpose. Video Sites are really good platform for internet users as here any internet user can upload interesting video-clips to make them available for years. You can also share your videos with friends and clients. To attain your marketing goals, you can create a video about your business and share it with the possible customers to gain better amount of business. You must have seen YouTube which is a video sharing websites and the most popular website in this category. But, other than this video site, there are over 100 video-sharing websites available over the web. Check our list of top video sites and use them for your entertainment and business purposes;

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Top 10 Video Sharing Websites List


With Alexa rank three, YouTube is the most visited website by internet users. We are sure that all our visitors have been on this website. Perhaps, there is no internet user in this world who does not know about this video-sharing website. This video site was founded by three friends in 2005 and in 2006, Google bought this website. Thus, YouTube has direct integration feature with Google+ website too. Unregistered users of YouTube can just watch videos. And, registered users can also upload videos over this website. This website uses Adobe Flash player along with HTML5 to showcase available videos.  This video site is really in demand. Across the country, several media corporations and even individuals are using YouTube for achieving their goals. Thus, we put it at first number in our top 10 video sharing websites list. It has a free facility for videos up to fifteen minutes. Over this time limit, you need to go for its paid service.

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If you are studying about video sites pretty often then you should be aware of Dailymotion website. This one is renowned as an alternative of YouTube. And, really deserves second place in our list. It also has a good Alexa rank. Dailymotion video sharing website was launches by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey. In last ten years, this website has really facilitated its visitors with various new features. Nowadays, this website is available in over 34 languages. Earlier, it was just like another video site offering functionality of video upload as well as browsing. Now, you can also add friends in this website. It does have subscribed to channels feature. All its users can follow and even recommend videos to all other internet users. One can also integrate videos on his/her website. You can also view videos on facebook-platform. Dailymotion has “video on demand” paid feature. Not just this, it also offers “mass uploader” feature on the basis of adobe air-technology. Well, you guessed it right!! Using this feature, one can easily upload many videos simultaneously.

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The third website in our top 10 video sharing websites list is and this one is a rapidly-growing video platform. With over 24 million registered users, this website undoubtedly deserves this place in our list of video sharing websites. Vimeo has only original uploaded content and fully non commercial content. Its mobile friendliness has been its top feature as 51% traffic over vimeo comes from only mobile devices. As a free account holder, one can upload up to 500 mega byte in a week time period. On the other hand, one premium account-holder can go for unlimited number of HD videos. Using this video-sharing site, one can share videos uploaded on vimeo privately with friends and family members. 

With Alexa rank 3231, Metacafe is another video-sharing website in our list. This one is quite famous for its specific small clips. It has over 20 million monthly visitors. Metacafe was launched in 2003 and in 2012, Digital Talent Agency bought this website.


This video- website has around 34 million subscribers in the United States of America. One can watch several Television shows and on demand Movies over this website. Netflix has two great subscription-plans related to DVD-rental and instant . This website really deserves to be in our top 10 video sharing websites list.

This video-sharing site has several available functionality i.e. easy , HD broadcasting, developer APIs and multi-device support. was launched in 2007 by John Ham, Brad Hunstable and Dr. Gyula Feher.  It uses fingerprinting system for ensuring copyrighted content.


Twitch website is famous as a live- video platform. Twitch was created by in 2011. Well, later this website was acquired by famous ecommerce site Amazon. It is famous for real-time coverage of eSports tournaments as well as for talk shows related to gaming.


This one is another video-sharing platform in our top 10 video sharing websites list. On this website, one user may upload video-clips and can earn dollars. You just need to create your own channel, follow other existing channels, interact with its users and provide feedback too.

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This famous website in video sharing sites category allow users to upload only six second video clips. Vine was launched by Rus Yusupov, Colin Kroll, and Dom Hofmann in 2012. Well, it was also bought by a renowned company after few months. And, this company is none other than famous Twitter. Vine has an important function Revine and this one is about sharing other’s posts with followers. Vine has a great traffic for its comedy oriented and music oriented videos.

Liveleak is the last website in our  top 10 video sharing websites list. This website was founded in year 2006 by Hayden Hewitt. Liveleak mostly covers videos related to politics, war clips and reality footage. You do have a chat option here on this website.

Well, this was our list of really useful video sharing websites. You should have accounts on all of these if you are willing to have SEO benefits from video sharing task. All these are highly reputed sites and having good traffic. Try this list and see results!!

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