Top Seo Interview Questions And Answers List 2017

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SEO Interview Questions and Answers – Before going for a job in digital marketing( SEO /SMO / PPC) and especially for the profile of SEO executive, you might be searching for SEO interview questions and answers. Well, this post is here to help you in this regard.

We have noted down few Seo Interview-Questions & you will need to find answers for them. All these are collected from various experts in this industry. This bunch of experts is having a great amount of experience in hiring for SEO executive level. Thus, we are hoping that this questionnaire will be really helpful for you in clearing interview for SEO job profile.

Seo Interview Questions And Answers


1- What Do You Understand By The Term SEO?

Search engine optimization is an activity performed for keep changing the position of page in search-engine results by using phrases relevant to topic of the page. SEO is of two types; On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization

One expert needs to use many SEO tools, i.e., keyword search, Google Webmaster, Google analytic etc.

You will notice that almost every list of SEO interview questions and answers available over internet has this question.

2- What Is The Importance Of Title As Per SEO?

Well, one webmaster should use relevant keyword in title as it works well for getting good rank in Google SERP.

3- What Role Is keyword Playing As Per SEO?

Keyword is nothing but the commonly used term for the searches by internet users. It is highly relevant to the subject of your post. Thus, proper use of keywords works well for Search Engine Optimization.

4- How Does A Search Engine Act?

Search Engine runs over algorithms. It is nothing but a program for checking available pages from the whole internet. Search engine has crawler which scan all available pages and serialized them as per set algorithm. Across the world, Google search engine is the most used search engine. Thus, one SEO executive needs to mind its algorithm updates most.

While creating this list of SEO interview questions and answers; we have noticed that this one is the most common question raised by experts.’

5- What Do You Know About Googlebot?

To index pages from several websites, Google uses Googlebot. From Caching to Crawling along with indexing of these website pages are possible only through Googlebot. This works on certainly algorithm. To keep its quality, Google often update its algorithm.

6- How Will You Define Submission Process?

For SEO of any website, submission process is really vital. It is actually all about gaining links from different sorts of website and better back-links help in off-page SEO of a website.

7- When Do Any Sort Of Submission Appear On SERP?

Well, you can’t get benefit of any sort of submission until it got indexed. Thus, all kinds of submission will appear in Google SERP post their indexing.

As digital marketing is a rapidly changing field. You need to always update yourself with latest information. Thus, we have selected questions as per the market in Year 2016. In this list of SEO interview questions and answers, we will add few more questions in coming days!

8- What is Outbound links In Seo .

Outbound links are the All links pointing to other sites from your Websites & Blog . 9- What is Google Indexing Indexing is the process Technique of updating your Website or Blog in Google yahoo bing search engine .database 10 – Who is Matt cuts ? Matt cuts is Google Spaming  Team Head . 11- What is Spamming technique

  • Duplicate content
  • Article Spinning
  • Cloaking
  • Unnatural Links
  • Hidden Text

Top Seo Interview Questions 

  • How to Get top Ranking In Search engines Like google , yahoo, bing and other search engines .
  • What is 404 error in your Websites .
  • What is Backlinks In Seo ( Inbound and Outbound )
  • What is Google analytics In Seo
  • How to add Website In Google analytics .
  • What is Competitive Analysis In Seo
  • What is content marketing
  • How to Check your Website Speed .
  • What do you know about Google Webmaster Tool In Seo
  • How to Create Sitemap.xml file

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