Top 10 Social Media Sites List 2017

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social networking sites – Can you guess it? How many internet users are using social networking sites in India?

What are some really popular social-networking sites in this country? Perhaps, your answer will be many internet users and many websites. Our post on this topic will let you know about a Top 10 Social Media Sites List  . On record, social-networking site is a place where most people spend a great time.

Where Does India Stand For Social Media Sites Users?

According to the report by one Marketing-research Company, 84 percent internet users from our country visit one social networking site on daily basis. That is why, India is on the seventh number in a rank list of social-networking sites visitor. The United States of America is on number one in this list with over 174.4 million visitors. China has second place and third place is for Germany.

Coming back to popular sites in social-networking category in India, we would like to share more than facebook in this post. In last few years, our country has become a leading name in Asia and certainly, one among technologically active countries in the world. With a huge number of talented graduates and really talented developers among them, India is attracting lots of technological companies to invest in India. As growing interest in IT simply turns growing interest in the use of internet, India is having an exponential growth in the social networking sites users.

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How This List Of Social Media Sites Can Help You?

Being an active user of a social-media website, one Indian got to learn many things about Indian society and also, other countries. One social networking website really minimizes the gap between people. With the help of our Top 10 Social Media Sites List  , you can get more friends and also SEO level benefits for your website.

Lots of Indians are having social-media accounts as nowadays, internet facility is available in urban and rural areas too. Hence, accounts on these websites can also be used for your content marketing purpose. All these listed websites are having good Alexa Traffic Rank and trust of lots of users. Thus, anything shared on these sites can be easily viral and benefit you with better traffic.

Our List Of Social Media Sites In India

As we told you that this list can really help you in two ways. One is about having a great social circle over web and second is about having support of better traffic over your website using content marketing tactics. No doubt, people of India are having great entertainment and reasonable discussions over these social networking sites. Use this list of social networking sites in India and add some values in your personal as well as professional lives! Here is our list;


Facebook is the most famous website in India especially in the category of social-networking sites. Facebook turned into the leading site just after the bubble burst of Orkut. You might find people unable to understand any other thing about internet, but everyone has knowledge about Facebook in India. No doubt, it deserves the first place in our list of Top 10 Social Media Sites List .


Well, twitter is another social site which can help you in finding what is occurring at this moment. With millions unique visitors, this one is having second position in our list. Twitter had the most noteworthy rate of growth among these websites. Over 12 percent of aggregate web users are using twitter in India. You have also noticed that every renowned personality in India is having an active twitter account. This shows that it has a really good reach and these people understand its worth.


Indians found the advantages of this prompted social site for their career. This website has over six million users from India. Indians are currently trading valuable information and job opportunities through LinkedIn. Thus, it is the third most utilized social networking website in India. No doubt, all of your senior managers are having account on LinkedIn.

Google Plus+

From June 2011, Google started taking interest in social media. Thus, it jumped from search engine and email initiative to Google Plus. With the interpersonal interaction destinations of Yahoo shut, it exited the street for more individuals to join in the developing group of Google Plus. This one has been gradually expanding and redesigning its elements in last few years. The constructive thing about this social-networking site is its feature of sorting out individuals and intrigues into “circles”. Well, this site has potential to be in the Top 10 Social Media Sites List .


Instagram is the famous social-media site where you can share your photograph, recordings, and can likewise share them on other platforms, for example, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.  It was started back in 2010 and from last three years, Facebook owns this social media site. You can have several friends here in this social site as your followers. Instagram allows you to add videos as well but with a time limit of 15 sec. To have account on this, you need to register yourself first on your phone. This one is having a huge traffic because of its mobile friendliness. Well, there are several smart phone users in India. And, Instagram is having its big bite from those users.

Established in 2007, Ibibo is the biggest Online Travel Company. This website has various elements to attract huge traffic. Of course, its users are often travel lovers. One can check flights, lodgings, travel plans and even find the opportunity to discover different voyagers. Like Facebook and twitter, this website has a great rate of growth.

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Bharatstudent is a renowned social-site for young Indians. As its name suggest, this one is favorite for students. Bharatstudent permits its users to make their own profile, upload pictures and even play recreations with each other. The most one of a kind component of the site is that it permits you to look available employment opportunities in India and also abroad.

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