100+ High pr Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List 2016

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Web 2.0 sites list- Web 2.0 sites use advanced Link Building technology to allow their users to collaborate and interact with each other.  It can be counted as much ahead of that old static pages look of websites. With the help of a big web 2.0 site list, internet user can create a virtual community to share their thoughts in a more interactive manner.

Yes, you are assuming correct. All these blogs, wikis, photo sharing sites, social media sites and video sharing sites are Web 2.0 sites. In modern society, these sites are far ahead of that old website method. With the help of user generated content, several such sites are having a great level of popularity. These sites can be classified in following three parts:

  • Rich Internet Application
  • Web Oriented Architecture
  • Social Web

Link Building Website List

Such websites offer interactive user-interface, software and data-storage through your same internet browser. They do come with special features like, anchor links, tags, search, authoring, extensions, etc. They are popular in tech expert category because of their following superb features:

  • Rich User Interface
  • Dynamic Content
  • Open Source Code
  • Metadata
  • Great Scalability
  • User Participation

According to us, every blogger should understand the importance of these websites. Well, the worth of their tech friendliness is unquestionable. Other than this, such websites can be really helpful in your websites SEO. Thus, we are sharing a web 2.0 site list, here in this post.

How to Use These Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 Sites are pretty important to your website because of the availability of High Quality Link. Being a blogger, you should have understanding of few Link Building Techniques and importance of link building. If you are getting High PR Link then your website will get better rank in Google SERP. Every business needs this activity to boost rank. Well, web 2.0 site list given below can be really helpful in creating create back-links. These links will not just boost your SEO rankings, but also offer direct traffic. Give some time to write really useful content for your website and then write a short article for these web 2.0 sites. Put link of your website posted article link in any of these web 2.0 sites and get great benefit of having back-link in form of good position in search engines ranking.

Top Most Popular Blogs In India | 2016

Images Sharing Sites List  , Local Business Listing Sites , Blog Commenting Website  

Across the internet, several web 2.0 popular websites are available. Among them, social media sites are having really huge traffic. Links from these sites could really benefit in two ways: increased traffic and content redistribution. Other than this, it will directly build a better online presence of your business within a short time period. We love to recommend link from Web 2.0 websites. Remember, search engines usually follow heavy distribution of your posted content. And, it will get better rank on your desired keyword.

Top High PR Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites

1 www.weebly.com
2 www.wordpress.com
3 www.livejournal.com
4 www.xing.com
5 www.worldvillage.com
6 www.jux.com
7 www.freehostia.com
8 www.dmusic.com
9 www.redbubble.com
10 www.allvoices.com
11 www.zootoo.com
12 www.jumptags.com
13 www.freeblog.hu
14 www.socialmediatoday.com
15 www.blogsome.com
16 www.quizilla.teennick.com
17 www.shutterfly.com
18 www.skyrock.com
19 www.dailystrength.org
20 www.xanga.com
21 www.freewha.com
22 www.sfgate.com
23 www.couchsurfing.org
24 www.wikidot.com
25 www.citeulike.org
26 www.webnode.com
27 www.yola.com
28 wwwl.gather.com
29 www.wix.com
30 www.weebly.com
31 www.my.opera.com
32 www.twitter.com
33 www.youtube.com
34 www.instagram.com
35 www.flickr.com
36 www.livejournal.com
37 www.imgur.com
38 www.tumblr.com
39 www.pinterest.com
40 www.rediff.com
41 www.evernote.com
42 www.photobucket.com
43 www.webs.com
44 www.diigo.com
45 www.newsvine.com
46 www.microsoft.com
47 www.shutterfly.com
48 www.zimbio.com
49 www.redbubble.com
50 www.care2.com
51 www.dailystrength.org
52 www.lomography.com
53 www.mouthshut.com
54 www.soup.io
55 www.pen.io
56 www.smore.com
57 www.sosblogs.com
58 www.kickofflabs.com
59 www.thoughts.com
60 www.snappages.com
61 www.doomby.com
62 www.cookeatshare.com
63 www.cashkaro.com
64 www.alivenotdead.com
65 www.sciencestage.com
66 www.hpage.com
67 www.bcz.com
68 www.modwedding.com
69 www.socialmediatoday.com
70 www.webstarts.com

PR 8 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 7 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 6 Social Bookmarking Sites List
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PR 4 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 3 Social Bookmarking Sites List

PR 2 Social Bookmarking Sites List

Web 2.0 Site List

After reading above written brief over the benefits of Web 2.0 sites, you must be having a good idea about its importance in SEO field. Across the world, every internet marketing expert love to suggest few superb web 2.0 sites. If you work smartly over these sites then your website will gain better ranks.  Here is our Web 2.0 Site List;


This video sharing site was started in 2005 and after few years, it was bought by Google. It allows its users to upload and share videos. Well, this can be a really good way to promote your business. Below the video, you can share a link to your website too. It simply leads to better website traffic because YouTube is already having a good traffic. If your video and your content are really worthy in your concerned niche then you will surely gain better Google SERP ranks.


Wikipedia is nothing less than an encyclopedia available online without any service charges. If you are an internet user from last few years then you must have noticed that this site has something available for every topic. Certainly, there will be few pages related to your niche too. If you are having something really important information on your website then you should leave a link to the Wikipedia page. Such back-links can boost your website in a great way.

Profile Creation Site List 


Twitter social networking website is kind of a micro-blogging service. Its mobile version is in huge demand. If you are capable of talking something valuable in 140 characters then this can be really a good source for referral traffic. Nowadays, every other intellectual is using this website. Thus, you can easily create a good repo for your business. We have noticed that many businesses are using Twitter for its referral traffic attribute. Thus, we have listed this site in our Web 2.0 Site List because of possible traffic.


Pinterest is a place where you can pin your videos and images along with a back-link guiding towards your website. On this website, its users can save and manage digital-content in form of their pins.

PR 7 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 6 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 5 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 4 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 3 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 2 Directory Submission Sites List


WordPress.org is an open source blogging site. With its really cool user interface, several non tech guys are also showing interest in this. It comes with several short code based applications, termed as Plug-ins. Here, you can share one article in form of an attractive website. Put the link of your website within the content. If you are regular with its use then this will hugely impact ranking of your website.


This one is another micro-blogging web 2.0 site which offers facility of postings audios, images, videos and textual content in form of short blog. Tumblr is having a huge traffic and that is why, we have added this in our Web 2.0 Site List.

Profile Creation Site List

Well, there are many other renowned sites in the category of web 2.0 sites. You just need to have patience and regular with your efforts. If you are regular with their use and sharing really useful content then you will surely gain SEO level benefit as well as better traffic from posted back-links. Hopefully this list will benefit your blog or website in gaining better rank and traffic.

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