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Blogs In India–  Whenever you want to do something extra-ordinary, you will need some kind of guidance to accomplish that task. Well, you will need to follow the same in case of blogging too. A great level inspiration can be gained by reading few good blogs In India . Here in this post, we are sharing top 10 popular blogs in India/addsens earner in india. Give some time to visit these blogs and learn something new from their blogging style. Certainly, it will raise the standard of your blog. By implementing gained learning from there on your blog, you will have better traffic.

All these listed blogs are from different niches. You can earn specific knowledge by going around any specific niche. Remember, successful blogging is an art. You need to be smart enough to get knowledge of latest trends in your particular niche. We do understand that most of you love to read blogs from Indians. This is simply because you can easily relate yourself with them. All these listed blogs are from Indians and you will surely love to have experience of blogging from these Indians.

What You Can Learn From These Top 10 Google adsense Earners In india ?

Indian bloggers in this list are really experienced people. All these Indian blogs will help you understand the best way to make money online within India. Our list of top 10 popular blogs in India will surely give you some sort of inspiration. By adapting their ideology, many of readers of this post will produce awesome blogs.

Whenever you are having some free time, give some time to read these blogs. You will surely learn plenty of important factors of blogging from them. We will suggest doing similar things on your blog. Remember, experience can be the best guide. Well, these bloggers have achieved this stage after a lot of hard work. This sort of success is certainly not achievable in one night. One needs continuous efforts and a smart strategy. These top 10 popular blogs in India has many important factors. Our list can boost your confidence in blogging and it can also help you in making a perfect strategy for your blog.

So, here is our list of these top 10 blogs:


Labnol is the best blog to have a good understanding about latest technology based in a much simplified way. In 2004, Amit Agarwal started this blog to spread the blogging culture in India. As this blog has crossed a decade time period, Labnol really deserves place in top 10 popular blogs in India list. This blog has several How-to Guides and articles on latest update along with solution for several tech based issues. The main income source of this blog is Adsense and Blog Ads.

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If you are interested in learning blogging fundamentals then Harsh Agrawal has ShoutMeLoud especially for you. This Delhi based blogger writes about Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Make-Money Online. In 2008, Harsh started this blog. Income sources of this blog are coming from Affiliate business, Adsense profit, Direct Ads business and Consulting related to Blogging.

Next Big What

Started in 2009, Next Big What is a blog by Ashish Sinha. This blog covers promising start-ups. Ashish handles this blog from Bangalore. Income sources for this blog are Adsense and Direct Ads business. Topics covered by this blogger are Entrepreneurship, Business News and Start Ups. Next Big What is certainly the best place to learn core entrepreneurship.

Your Story

Yourstory is certainly the best blog over leadership. Shardha Sharma has managed it in a well manner. This blog is the perfect place to read about business guidelines, success-stories and start ups. Yourstory emphasize majorly on women power. This blog was started in 2010 and it has gained a great market-value. Its main income source is Adsense. Due to its immense popularity, we have given it a place in this list of top 10 popular blogs in India.


Trak.in is a pure Indian blog which covers all the stuff strictly related to India. Trak was started back in 2007. America returned Mr. Prabhudesai, started this blog in 2007. Arun Prabhudesai has gained a great reputation for this blog. It is India’s popular business blog. This blog also covers trending tech updates along with business news. The main income source of this blog is Adsense.


In 2008, one engineer Raju thought about this blog. Now after these many years, Techpp is among the top 10 online tech magazines from India. This blog shares core technology updates. This blog has a great language ability to make complex tech updates really simple to its visitors. Techpp has two core income sources Adsense and Direct ads. As they are using a simpler way to explain latest technology, people love to be on Techpp.


9Lessons shares about web development tips. In 2008, this blog was launched by Srinivas.You can learn about several web technologies like php, css, jquery,etc.on 9Lessons. Basically, it is a blog focusing on programming and earns from Adsense and Direct Ads.

Tech 2

This blog talks about latest gadgets available in Indian market. If you want to know about latest phones and accessories available in India then visit this blog Tech2. Started in 2008, this blog is an initiative from Network 18 Media. It has income from Adsense and Direct Ads. Growing popularity of this blog in last three years, made us to put it in this list of top 10 popular blogs in India.


SaveDelete shares news and tips connected to Indian politics, sports and all the happening in India. Started In 2009, Savedelete is a just right place where you can find links of appealing website at one place.

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Hell Bound Bloggers

Started In 2007, HBB is one more blog about blogging. Recently HBB also started sharing Internet and technology tips. Main income sources for this blog are Sponsored Reviews and Adsense

Final Thought About This List Of Top 10 Popular Blogs In India

If you are a newbie blogger then give some time to learn this art of blogging. One active blogger should analyze this list of top 10 popular blogs in India. Remember, blogging is actually about having good networking skills. Therefore, subscribe and follow them on social media.

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