Steps For On Page Optimization Tutorial 2016

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On Page Optimization Tutorial – Today I am Going to Sharing some Very Important Latest On Page Seo Techniques 2016 ,

Whenever you have published your post, have you considered why your post have not get first page ranking?

If not then think and read this post about  on page optimization Techniques because it will really help you in getting first page ranking!

What is On Page Seo & How how to get top 10 ranking in google – Around the world, various girls and boys are starting their blog or website, but many of them don’t understand what SEO is? And, many others are not having full understanding about its implementation. Well, we thought that this post will help them by a great mean.

SEO is nothing but a set of techniques to help a webmaster in getting good rank, perhaps as high as feasible on Google SERPs. Of course, not just on Google search engine. But, one who can get in on Google search engine can get it on other search engines too.

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What is the need of this SEO? Well, it directly works for your dream of having more traffic on your website or blog. SEO can be categories in two types:

1- On Page Seo
2- Off Page Seo

In this post, we will discuss only about on page optimization in seo tutorial ! Well, On-Page SEO means to the techniques which one can apply on the website or blog, while Off-Page refers to those techniques which can be applied over other website or blogs to help your post or page in achieving higher ranks on desired keywords.

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Why Will You Need These on page optimization in seo tutorial ?

Certainly, it is necessary to understand first. Search engine is just about one set of algorithms. It runs on a program and depends on various factors. Thus, ranking on a certain keyword does not only depend on on-page SEO. But, its algorithm targets keywords from each post and on the basis of several factors rank pages in SERP. One can help search-engine to pick desired keywords by following on page optimization in seo tutorial. Thus, our goal will be natural but smart optimization of posted article for search engine. With these techniques, we can help search engine in picking the target keywords instead of ranking for irrelevant keywords.

There are several techniques for on-page optimization. Following are key elements which one should mind while performing on-page SEO:

Titles Of Your Page: Page Title is certainly an important technique for on-page SEO. One webmaster or blogger should give a unique title to the posted content having relevant keywords. This way, your posted content will have better chance for coming up in front of eyes of someone trying to search related to your topic. All remember to keep your Meta title within 65 character limit.

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Mind URL Structure: Your posted content should have search-engine friendly URLs. We are recommending it because such permalinks bring better level of crawling. To perform better with this technique, URLs should include your researched keywords relevant to the posted content. Remember, one should avoid use of following in permalinks;

  • Comma
  • Symbol
  • Bracket
  • Special characters

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Also, one should follow pretty-permalink in place of random strings.

Post’s Meta Descriptions: It is not good that you often forget to write Meta descriptions for your posted content. This is precious for on page SEO and we really recommend it in our on page optimization techniques. One webmaster should include properly researched keywords in post’s Meta Description as this Description will be the part of search results. One should write effective Meta Description within 160 characters limit for better CTR.

Use Meta Tags: You should always include relevant keywords in Meta Tags. By relevant keywords, we mean commonly used search team for searched regarding topic of the posted content. Of course, one needs to research these terms before writing a post.

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Well, we love to recommend “All In One SEO” Pack for doing all these three techniques of on-page SEO with an ease.

Proper Body Tags: One should draft posts of at least 700 words. Well researched posts targeting competitive keywords will be really helpful. You can analyze other’s posted content related to your topic and see what is there to add. Add it in your posted content because it will give your post better ranking. Well, this section about on page optimization techniques is about body tags. One should break content into sections & should be presented using headings. For this, you should always use H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. tags. As Search engines determines important part of your content using them, therefore, use relevant keywords in these body tags.

Internal Links: Mind internal linking like you mind back-link of your website or blog! Placing links to your other pages will be improving value of your site as they are building a great level relevancy of posted content to relevant keywords. Not just this, internal linking will also work for proper crawling of your website or blog by search engines.

Keyword Density: As we are again and again forcing over the term relevant keywords, therefore, one should not excessively repeat keywords. Google hates overuse of Keywords. Your posted content should have keyword density up to 2-5%. Use your most important keyword once in the first section and then in last section of post.

SEO Optimized Image:

If you are not using images within posted content then you are doing a big mistake. These images help in making your webpage visually appealing to your visitors. While uploading images, one webmaster should mind following factors:

  • Big-sized images are cursing your website speed, avoid them.
  • Uploaded images should have keyword rich titles
  • All images should come with Alt Text and Descriptions

Remember, SEO optimized image is the easiest and most effective technique among on page optimization techniques. Image optimization really helps in making post highly targeted by Googlebot and human visitors.

These were the few vital pointers which one should mind for on page optimization. Other than this, keep a check on the quality of your posted content too. Well written engaging content will work highly in your favor. Without the associated value, you can’t raise popularity of your website.

Hopefully, our post will help you in getting a reasonable raise in ranking!!

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