Off Page Seo Optimization Techniques 2016

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Off Page Seo Optimization Techniques – In case, you are not clear about what SEO is then here is a definition for you.

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but set of certain techniques which can help any website or blog in getting rank as high as possible. Of course, it directly means to the better traffic for that website or blog too.

SEO can be categorized as; On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

In this post, we will just talk about Off-Page SEO.

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What Is Off Page SEO Techniques ? 

Off-Page SEO is about doing all those things which one can do on other websites to get one’s website a higher rank and better traffic. Yes, there are some off page seo Techniques which you need to understand and follow sincerely to make the dream of better traffic really true. Specifically in case of Off-Page SEO, there are some effective ways which are pretty easy and offer notable increase in ranking;

Social Networking Sites: Social Networking is certainly a growing interest among internet users. Utilize it for SEO of your website or blog. Well, social sites allow you to extend your network over internet and also, offer you a great opportunity for the promotion of your business website or blog. You just need to be smart in using social networking sites.

Blog Marketing: There are two ways of blog marketing. First, you can write blogs and give a good reason to your visitors for coming again and again over that blog. Then, move this loyal traffic to your business website. Of course, you need to have unique and really good content for that. Further, you can promote your blog by submitting it to blog directories as per your niche.

Second way is about posting comments on other blogs and gain backlinks for your blog or website. Certainly, this can raise referral traffic as well as ranking for your website. Most of our readers have got benefit from this suggestion listed in our off page seo Techniques

Article Submission: If you can write a good article then start writing few good ones in your niche and submit them on popular article submission sites. Certainly, better referral traffic and links are two benefits of this activity. Remember, you need quality content for having real benefit of this tip.

Social Bookmarking:  Submit latest posts to popular bookmarking sites as Search engines like these sites.

Photo Sharing:  Share your pictures on popular photo sharing websites on regular basis. With the help of renowned image sharing sites, you can gain a good amount of referral traffic.

In our off page seo Techniques , we do want to suggest you about Video Marketing, Forum Marketing and Directory Submission. These are some great ways to get better ranking for your website.

Top 15 off page Seo Techniques 2016 for Top Rabking 

 1- PPT Sharing Website Sites List

2- Infographics Submission Sites List

3- Document Sharing Sites List

4- Image Sharing Website List 

5- Directory Submission Site List

6- Bookmarking Sites List

7 – Article submission Sites List

8- Press Release Sites List

9- Blog Comment Site List 

10 – Profile Creation Site List 

11 – Free Classified Ads Sites india

12 – Social Media Sites List

13 – Question Answer Site List

15 – Web 2.0 sites List 

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