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Question Answer Site List – Around the world, people love to use Internet as a resource of correct information. You can Google for Question Answer Site List  to get some websites. Well, we are also offering you a good list of top rated sites from this category. These sites will give you a great level assistance. In case, you are having a question of such use of internet then we do understand it. Of course, many consider it as resource of entertainment too. But, it has been proven in many released research papers by renowned statisticians that a great percentage of internet users count this as a resource which contains valid answers of many questions. Well, there is an incalculable number of websites related to question – answer in which one can easily find answer of the concerned question. Whatever you want to know, you just need to raise your question and people from several other countries will give you an adequate solution.

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Effective SEO Using This Question Answer Site List

No doubt, this pool of valuable knowledge has some sites where people love to share their views and also, reviews. If you are having a solid presence there and helping lot many in finding solution of their query like an expert, then this can be one pretty effective method for SEO too. Well, you just need to give answers related to one or few specific niche directly related to your websites. Give the real content value so that visitor of that site can count your content as worthy for their time. Do share a link below that content pointing to your website. Along with a quality link, it will also boost your website’s reputation. This back-link strategy will give quality back-links. Well, all the listed websites in our question answer sites list are having good page rank and a heavy traffic. Thus, your website will have a good chance of emerging in Google SERP. Along with this, you will be getting more visitors specifically loyal visitor. As a whole, this is certainly beneficial for SEO of any website.

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List Of Best 10 + Question And Answer Sites List

Yahoo Answers

Undoubtedly, this one is a popular Q and A website. YahooAnswers is having participation from millions of users around this world. There are several categories where you can get an answer of your question. Most probably question in your mind has already been posted out there. You can simply search and get answer. If it is still not raised by someone else then post your question. Within few days, you will be having various answers for that particular question. Similarly, you can have answer of someone else question. If you are having a good knowledge of your niche then you should go to that category and answer few available questions. Post your link and get SEO advantage. Considering its huge popularity, we have placed it in the first position of our question answer sites list.


This one is having one huge database of questions and answers. eHow basically talks about more technical questions. Among few renowned Question Answer websites, this one also provides Graphical solution, instructional videos and textual support to its users. Because of these attributes, this site has a big traffic on daily basis and back-links from this site will be really precious.


As this is a new discussions website. You will have better opportunity to be part of any discussion about any topic relevant to your niche. People are crazy about this website and love to be with an optimal solution received from any expert. SEO beneficiary activity can be easily done one this website.

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Anybody Out There

This interesting website is famous for instant response. And, this proves the high traffic existence over this website. Raise few questions out there and get answered by experts instantly! Well, its vice versa is also beneficial for you. Check few relevant categories and post your expert view as the answer of raise question. This will be really helpful for repo building as well as SEO. It is simply going to add quality back-link and better referral traffic.


When it is about any version of Wiki, there are lots of daily visitors available over there. Yes, Wikipedia and wikimapia are renowned sites in their categories. Similarly, WikiAnswers has an important place in the question answer sites list. There are above 5K categories. You will easily find few relevant categories to your websites. Thus, you can easily post some answers and a relevant link out there in your answers. Remember, your relevant content can offer you various sorts of benefits. All such sites are pretty beneficiary in terms of link juice; therefore, you need to give your best shot while answering any question.

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Ask Me

If you are using internet from last five years then you must have been on this website. Ask Me has a huge traffic potential. Among our question answer site list only this website offers earning potential. Yes, you can also earn by answering questions. With a good repo and back-links, this one is an additional feature of this website.

Other than these top sites, you can also perform your SEO activity on following websites:

  • AskDeb
  • Cramster
  • Answerbag
  • Mahalo Answers
  • FunAdvice

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Remember, your hard work can gain you huge success. As all these sites are having huge traffic, therefore you will be having a good chance of reasonable referral traffic. As you are specifically writing answers within your niche, you will be able to general reputation for yourself and your website. Not just this, it simply leads to loyal visitors and loyal customers if you are selling some stuff over your website. On the level of SEO, this activity will offer better link-juice to your website. Hence, you must be putting your best foot! Be specific and talk like an expert over these websites.

Hopefully, our question answer site list will solve your purpose behind giving time in reading our post. Keep in mind; you will need to put regular effort with full patience for having all above told benefits!!

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