Top 301+ High Pr Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List {Update} 2018

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Blog Commenting Sites List – if you want To gain better search engines rank along with good traffic On Your Website , you will need High Pr Blog Commenting Sites List 2018. For a newbie blogger, this tactic can be really beneficial. Blog commenting Site is an easy way for having good back-links for your website.

What Is This Blog Commenting Activity ?

On every topic, there are many bloggers sharing their point of view over their blogs. Thus, you need to share your point of view over their blogs in form of comments. While posting these comments, you can also post a link of your website too. By simply commenting on high PR blogs, you can earn a good rank for your blog or website. To achieve this goal successfully, you will need a blog comment sites list which we are providing in the end of this post.

Blog Commenting Site List

Top 4 Blog Commenting Benefits

  • Increase Website Ranking In Search Engines
  • Instant Increase Website Traffic
  • Blog Realisation
  • Quality & Natural Link Building

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High Pr Dofollow Blog Comment Sites List 2018

1 alltipsfinder.com
2 www.alltopmessages.com
3 www.pakistantoday.com.pk
4 www.ilkeskitchen.com
5 www.kabobfest.com
6 www.heritageliberia.net
7 www.heritageliberia.net
8 www.en.wooyun.io
9 www.anekdotique.com
10 www.heritageliberia.net
11 www.guideforgovernmentexam.blogspot.com
12 www.studentteacherpk.blogspot.in
13 www.adigaskell.org
14 www.jaywalkerlodge.com
15 www.blog.foodnetwork.com
16 www.alltopmessages.com
17 www.blog.foodnetwork.com
18 www.sixteenfeet.co.uk
19 www.guideforgovernmentexam.blogspot.com
20 www.scrapelink.com
21 www.entrepreneurcountryglobal.com
22 www.blog.xing.com
23 www.healthcarecommunication.com
24 www.blog.ourchurch.com
25 www.prdaily.com
26 www.blog.ourchurch.com
27 www.prdaily.com
28 www.antiwar.com
29 www.antiwar.com
30 www.domainsafrica.blogspot.in
31 www.blog.sajithv.com
32 www.domainsafrica.blogspot.in
33 www.blog.capterra.com
34 www.public.deloitte.com
35 www.monetizepros.com
36 www.neilpatel.com
37 www.blog.crazyegg.com
38 www.cyberalert.com
39 www.bootstrappingecommerce.com
40 www.techmasi.com
41 www.seochat.com
42 www.kimgarst.com
43 www.searchenginewatch.com
44 www.britainbusinessdirectory.com
45 www.gmawebdirectory.com
46 www.siteswebdirectory.com
47 www.submissionwebdirectory.com
48 www.marketinginternetdirectory.com
49 www.addbusiness.net
50 www.baikalglobal.com
51 www.momsdirectory.net
52 www.nonar.com
53 www.itechpassion.com
54 www.monetizepros.com
55 www.cyberalert.com
56 www.bootstrappingecommerce.com
57 www.coconutheadphones.com
58 wwwblogelina.com
59 www.newszoom.com
60 www.itechpassion.com
60 www.beupdated.org
62 www.cyberalert.com
63 www.chrometechny.in
64 www.acquireconvert.com
65 www.freeprwebdirectory.com
66 www.digital.hothungama.com
67 www.designpotato.com
68 www.seochat.com
69 www.seotechyworld.com
70 www.orbitmedia.com
71 www.quicksprout.com
72 www.coconutheadphones.com
73 www.cyberalert.com
74 www.chrometechny.com
75 www.bloggingways.net
76 www.itechpassion.com
77 www.searchenginewatch.com
78 www.cybernaira.com
79 www.newszoom.com
80 www.quicksprout.com
81 www.seotechyworld.com
82 www.worldofwanderlust.com
83 www.goatsontheroad.com
84 www.youngadventuress.com
85 www.rebootauthentic.com
86 www.makemoneyyourway.com
87 www.entrepreneurs-journey.com
88 www.blogelina.com
89 www.chrometechny.com
90 www.bloggerspassion.com
91 www.suite.booking.com
92 www.quicksprout.com
93 www.hostway.com
94 www.elegantthemes.com
95 www.coconutheadphones.com
96 www.orbitmedia.com
97 www.wpromote.com
98 www.fernandobiz.com
99 www.updateland.com
100 www.empireflippers.com
101 www.louisem.com
102 www.elegantthemes.com
103 www.launchgrowjoy.com
104 www.conversionxl.com
105 www.bigrock.com
106 www.marketeeringgroup.com
107 www.wideo.co
108 www.techlila.com
109 www.ultimatepapermache.com
110 www.inboundpro.net
111 www.inspire2rise.com
112 www.articlevideorobot.com
113 www.johnhaydon.com
114 www.isaumya.com
115 www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com
116 www.acquireconvert.com
117 www.techmasi.com
118 www.bootstrappingecommerce.com
119 www.maximizesocialbusiness.com
120 www.orbitmedia.com
121 www.marieforleo.com
122 www.techwyse.com
123 www.revealingthestuffs.com
124 www.hostway.com
125 www.foreveramber.co.uk
126 www.scorpio1711.wordpress.com
127 www.successfulblogging.com
128 www.mscareergirl.com
129 maximizesocialbusiness.com
130 www.orbitmedia.com
131 www.marieforleo.com
132 www.techwyse.com
133 www.pulpybucket.com
134 www.justwebworld.com
135 www.digital.hothungama.com
136 www.designpotato.com
137 www.seochat.com
138 www.seotechyworld.com
139 www.orbitmedia.com
140 www.quicksprout.com
141 www.coconutheadphones.com
142 www.cyberalert.com
143 www.chrometechny.com
144 www.bloggingways.net
145 www.itechpassion.com
146 www.searchenginewatch.com
147 www.customizeblogging.com
148 www.onlinesocialmediablog.com
149 www.beupdated.org
150 www.itechpassion.com
151 www.freeguestblogging.info
152 www.bloggingshout.com
153 www.etechexplorer.com
154 www.vanier.com/
155 www.worldofwanderlust.com
156 www.gswise.org/
157 www.etechexplorer.com
158 www.wordstream.com
159 www.globotreks.com
160 www.annagaram.vuodatus.net
161 www.mommag.com
162 www.capitaresourcing.co.uk
163 www.goenerplex.com
164 www.tibetsites.com
165 www.tibetsites.com
166 www.justwebworld.com
167 www.etechexplorer.com
168 www.rafaltomal.com
169 www.globotreks.com
170 www.entrepreneurcountryglobal.com
171 www.childrenstheatreplays.com
172 www.doablefinance.com
173 www.etechexplorer.com
174 www.etechexplorer.com
175 www.northcoast500.com
176 www.saharamountain1398.com.over-blog.com
177 www.bikeovernights.org
178 www.bikeovernights.org
179 www.capitaresourcing.co.uk
180 www.goenerplex.com
181 www.tibetsites.com
182 www.flaquarium.org
183 www.tibetsites.com
184 www.gswise.org
185 www.bikeovernights.org
186 www.vanier.com
187 www.etechexplorer.com
188 www.cepr.net
189 www.bikeovernights.org
190 www.baby-games.dressupgames8.com
191 www.cgbg.tuck.dartmouth.edu
192 www.lideahory.cz
193 www.nps.gov
194 www.visitflorida.com
195 www.journals.worldnomads.com
196 www.lideahory.cz
197 www.brookblg62.jimdo.com
198 www.brookblg62.jimdo.com
199 www.amazeelabs.com
200 www.indiandefencereview.com
201 www.brookblg62.jimdo.com
202 www.sos-usa.org
203 www.fleetcare.com.au
204 www.ascedia.com
205 www.ascedia.com
206 www.indiannova.in
207 www.loginsupport.online
208 www.simplehosting.in
209 www.tipsnews24.com
210 www.techsini.com
211 www.rkbbusiness.com
212 www.seotrainingkolkata.co.in
213 www.english.mindedbro.com
214 www.applyipo.com
215 www.applyipo.com
216 www.gyanpunji.com
217 www.thefloatinglens.com
218 www.seotrainingkolkata.co.in
219 www.tipspoint.site
220 www.blogtechbuzz.com
221 www.geeksgyan.com
222 www.lindaikejisblog.com
223 www.techmotus.com
224 nauticalproducts.com
225 www.applyipo.com
226 www.socioboard.org
227 www.blogmehub.com
228 www.tekkibloggers.com
229 www.pingpongshoes.com
230 www.seotrainingkolkata.co.in
231 www.techiesblogpoint.com
232 www.shouttechbuzz.com
233 www.bakramandipakistan.com
234 www.techliken.com
235 www.toptechworld.net
236 www.seoonlineshop.com
237 www.nauticalproducts.com
238 www.dcmot.com
239 www.md5decode.com
240 www.supportmeindia.com
241 www.webcrazies.com
242 www.prohindi.com
243 www.gorgeouslyflawed.com
244 www.techblogng.com
245 www.goodlifemantra.com
246 www.nauticalproducts.com
247 www.watchcartoonsonlinez.com
248 www.timesofsuccess.com
249 www.badhtechalo.com
250 techiesblogpoint.com

PR 8 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 7 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 6 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 5 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 4 Social Bookmarking Sites List
PR 3 Social Bookmarking Sites List

PR 2 Social Bookmarking Sites List

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How To Do Blog Comments?

Blog Commenting Sites – In all these blogs listed below, you will notice few text boxes placed especially for comments over the posted content. There will be four fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Comment

PR 7 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 6 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 5 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 4 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 3 Directory Submission Sites List
PR 2 Directory Submission Sites List

Certainly, it is an easy activity. You just need to fill your name, your email id, a website link and a relevant comment over the post of that blogger. Well, you just need to mind your selection of blogs for blog commenting Site .

Not all blogs work in favor of your website. You can get an easy back-link. But, that can be harmful for your website. Therefore, we are sharing a Blog Commenting Sites list in which all listed blogs are enormously popular. By having a back-link from these blogs, your website can get better level of traffic along with a notable raise in its rank on Google SERP.

Top Social Bookmarking Website List  , Photo Sharing Site List  , Business Listing Sites  , PPT Sharing Sites for Seo

PR  8 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  7 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  6 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  5 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  5 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  4 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  3 Blog Commenting Sites
PR  2 Blog Commenting Sites

What Should You Remember While Using This Blog Commenting Sites Site List?

There are few factors which a website owner should remember while thinking about blog commenting activity. You might understand that posted content can benefit that website as an added-content over that webpage. Give added value to that page and keep following factors in mind while making comment on any of the blogs listed in this Blog Commenting Sites Site List

  • Avoid use of intended keyword in the form field given for Name
  • Avoid posting incomplete or fake email id, use the genuine email id
  • Be cautious while posting website address, as it must be correct
  • Avoid blog comment on a blog that does not fall in your niche
  • Post only relevant and value-added content in comment field

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If you are performing blog commenting activity while following all these factors then this will surely help your website in form of higher traffic and better rank. We all understand that better rank in results of Google search engine query greatly depends over substantial number of links over other websites and blogs because they will be directing visitors to your website. Most of these blogs will not offer you do-follow link, but they will sure boost opportunity for higher traffic. Thus, this Blog Commenting Sites Site List , Press Release Sites List 

 will surly help you. Here is the list:

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