100 + Best Free Press Release Submission Sites List 2018

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Press Release Sites List – Good communication is the key factor for any Press Release business’s popularity and also to popularize its products and its services. Most brands consider it pretty important and they love to have their own Press Release Sites List 2017 . It is an approach easy to maintain and helps your business in contacting several impactful sites. Press Release sites are precious while doing digital marketing around offered services or products.Here is High Page Rank Press Release Website List

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Press Release Submission Sites

How Are Business Leaders Utilizing Press Release Sites List?

Well, one business leader should have a proper strategy about distributing news Press Release releases relevant to its business. Some business leaders might choose to look for media directories or contacting freelance journalists or some renowned news distribution agency. Others might not have interest in such paid-services. They love to have free Press Release Sites List. And, we are having such a great list of free Press Release service providers. We have created this list on the basis of traffic rank in Google statistics as well as Alexa.

Importance Of This Press Release Sites List In Terms Of SEO

Some digital marketers have understood the importance of PR sites and they have been utilizing this for SEO benefit. Google had identified it and updated its algorithm to control the misuse of these websites for SEO. Google recommends the use of such PR sites for gaining media attention only. Thus, all such links will be counted only in no-follow nature. Hence, there can’t be any direct benefit of link building over these PR sites. But, this Press Release Sites List can benefit your website with better traffic. We have noticed that these PR sites can work as a great resource for better traffic. Remember, core purpose of posting on a PR site is distribution of news about your product or services. Thus, one should use a mix of paid and free services.

High PR Dofollow Press Release Sites List 2017 

1 www.newpressrelease.com 2
2 www.bignews.biz 4
3 www.briefingwire.com 4
4 www.prlog.org 2
5 www.pressbox.co.uk 5
6 www.free-press-release.com 4
7 www.onlineprnews.com 5
8 www.marketpressrelease.com 3
9 www.prfree.org 2
10 www.business.wesrch.com 3
11 www.freepressreleasesubmit.com 2
12 www.pressreleasepost.com 2
13 www.freeprnow.com 3
14 www.scoopasia.com 3
15 www.pressontime.com 0
16 www.prhwy.com 3
17 www.yumpu.com 3
18 www.newswiretoday.com 5
19 www.eworldwire.com 4
20 www.techprspider.com 2
21 www.24-7pressrelease.com 2
22 www.pressabout.com 3
23 www.clickpress.com 4
24 www.freepressindex.com 3
25 www.newsalbum.com 0
26 www.121pressrelease.com 0
27 www.121pressrelease.com 1
28 www.newsreelnetwork.com 2
29 www.newssides.com 0
30 www.newslink.org 7
31 www.businesswire.com 7
32 www.mediapost.com 6
33 www.mediapost.com 5
34 www.isnare.com 5
35 www.filecluster.com 5
36 www.przoom.com 4
37 www.onlineprnews.com 5
38 www.1888pressrelease.com 4
39 www.prwindow.com
40 www.pressabout.com 3
41 www.pressexposure.com 3
42 www.ukprwire.com 2
43 www.free-press-release-center.info 3
44 www.news.eboomwebsolutions.com 2
45 www.hungarynewswire.com 2
46 www.prweb.com 7
47 www.prlog.org 2
48 www.directionsmag.com 6
49 www.tmcnet.com 6
50 www.bizeurope.com 5
51 www.nanotech-now.com 6
52 www.merinews.com 5
53 www.softarea51.com 6
54 www.indiaprwire.com 5
55 www.daily-chronicle.com 5
56 www.ereleases.com 5
57 www.pitchengine.com 5
58 www.webknowhow.net 5
59 www.businessportal24.com 5
60 www.artikel-presse.de 4
61 www.xpresspress.com 4
62 www.prfire.co.uk 4
63 www.articlecirculation.com 4
64 www.openpr.com 4
65 news-antique.com 4
66 www.briefingwire.com 4
67 www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com 4
68 www.freepressindex.com 4
69 www.submitpressrelease123.com 3
70 www.prsync.com 3
71 www.npr.org
72 www.betanews.com
73 www.news.thomasnet.com
74 www.directionsmag.com
75 www.nanotech-now.com
76 www.clickpress.com
77 www.filecluster.com
78 www.onlineprnews.com
79 www.theopenpress.com
80 www.prfree.com
81 www.itbsoftware.com
82 www.freepressindex.com
83 www.afreego.com
84 www.pressmethod.com
85 www.mediasyndicate.com
86 www.seenation.com
87 www.emeapr.com
88 www.techexpo.com
89 www.przoom.com
90 www.prndirect.prnewswire.com
91 www.transworldnews.com
92 www.localnews.biz
93 www.easy-pressrelease.com
94 www.prnewsdistribution.co.uk
95 www.prbd.net
96 www.pressexposure.com
97 www.pressabout.com
98 www.newdesignworld.com
99 www.newssides.com
100 www.pressreleaseping.com

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Track All Of Your Releases To Measure Results

All listed sites in our Press Release Sites List are having a good number of visitors.  Thus, you will be having great chance to promote your business website. We have just recommended for the use of free as well as paid services. You can use any of them, but you should remember to track them appropriately. It is quite important. Certainly, paid services will offer you various reports and tracking will be really easy with them. On the other hand, free service is not that much easy to track. Hence, you might face hassles in measuring results of these press releases. You might need to do lots of manual work. Well, that is really important for your marketing team as gauging effectiveness of these efforts can help them in building future strategies. One business leader should mind it before working on these listed websites. Similarly, a blogger should also have a tracking strategy for gauging impact of posted press releases in these websites listed in our Press Release Sites List.

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It will be directly helpful in enabling your marketing team to gauge effectiveness of given efforts. We will recommend for working over this list as soon as possible:

High Pr Social Bookmarking Site List  , Business Listing Website , Blog Comment Sites List 

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Document Sharing Sites List , ping submission sites list ,
infographics submission sites list , Forum Posting Sites List 
Article Submission Sites List

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